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Bali Internships is an internship program agency specialized in Indonesia. 

As one of the first agencies of its kind based in Bali, started back in 2010 Bali Internships have established and sustained a vast network of trust, support, and friendship among non-profit organizations, educational institutions, companies, and international volunteers and interns.

Bali Internships commits to providing educational, social and cultural programs that encourage intercultural learning between local communities in Bali and both national and international visitors. You will be considered if you study: 

- Animal Conservations and Rehabilitation, 

- Architecture, 

- Business Management, 

- Childcare, 

- Graphic Design, 

- Education and Teaching Profession, 

- Engineering, 

- Environmental Science, 

- Fashion, 

- Hospitality, 

- Interior Design, 

- IT, Journalism, 

- Law, 

- Nutrition and Health, 

- Photography, 

- Sports and Wellness, 

- Tourism, 

- Transportation

- Women Empowerment

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